Here are a some comments from a few of our authors...


I chose you and Starry Night and I could not be more pleased with the results. I received my copy of "Mistletoe" on Saturday and everyone I show loves the paper edition. The illustrator, Danielle, loves the way her artwork is showcased. Why would anyone not use Starry Night Publishing! We are thrilled with the soft cover edition of Mistletoe. Great Job on the title, "Mistletoe", where it appears snow is melting on the words on the cover. In fact, great job on the entire layout!

Rick Wolf


My name is Eveline Sandy and I published my book with Starry Night Publishing in November of 2012. I have two more books to get done. I am so very pleased in the work that was done on my book. The cover came out just right and the photos were done extremely well. This changed my life, making my dream come true, so others could read my true story and find hope and faith in their own lives. I recommend if you are trying to get your book published, please go with this company, you will not be disappointed whatsoever. Follow your dreams and give them a chance to make this happen for you as well.

Eveline Sandy


After writing my first book which was very emotional to me and a personal true story, I searched several companies to publish. All the companies promised me everything, for money up front, of course. After researching all of the companies I found Starry Night Publications. Richard was honest, compassionate and provided everything he said. My book was published in no time at all and was for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel in three days. Thank God for Mr. Hartmetz and Starry Night Publications. They provided everything I needed and did it with professionalism and honest, at a reasonable cost and in a very simple process. I wouldn't consider any other company to publish my book.

Rick D. Maness


Just wanted to express my gratitude to you and your company. You did a great job on my book! Thank you so much!

Jamie Schwandt


Very easy to work with and accommodating. Delivered as promised professionally designed cover and book arrangement. Recommend them highly!

Margarita Rivera


As authors do, I did a good deal of research on large publishing companies for possible acceptance of my manuscripts. I learned that taking that path to publication would mean not reaching goals I have worked toward all these years. I would also have to give up rights to my own work in addition to accepting unfair compensation for my books.

After deciding the large publishing houses were not the best fit for me, I looked into self-publishing. I determined quickly it was not my thing, either. Hours turned into days and months of searching for the right outlet for Just Keep Breathing. Because I have other books in the pipeline which are also ready to release this year, I wanted to find a solid publisher – someone established in this business. A fellow author recommended I look into Starry Night Publishing. At long last, my search was over. They offered me exactly what I needed.

Starry Night Publishing is not about greed. They are about helping good writers succeed as known authors. This company will handle your manuscript with integrity, answer endless questions and publish your book on time. If your manuscript is not ready for publication when submitted, you will be told that up front. In addition to countless perks of publishing with Starry Night, the CEO is genuinely a nice person.

Jana Brock, Author


If you have a love of writing and want to be published BUT don't know how to get published, get in touch with these people.

Mr. Wade Blackman


When I wrote my first mystery novel, I decided that I would publish the book myself. I had read a number of articles on the benefits of self-publishing and the incredible odds against successfully securing a contract from one of the big publishing houses. These firms are looking for the next blockbuster novel and are risk averse to taking on new authors.

I knew a number of writers who had gone the self-publishing route and never looked back. Since major publishers require their authors to do most of the marketing work anyway, it seemed logical to self-publish.

Once I had made my decision, I needed to find a firm that specialized in self-publishing, one that would guide me through the process of formatting the text, designing an attractive cover and generally getting the manuscript in shape and printed. I wanted my novel to be published in paper and e-formats for kindle, Nooks, etc. and appear on Amazon’s book section.

And, most of all, I did not want to have to pay a fortune for each phase of the process. I noted that most firms charge for nearly every phase and the prices are not low.

I wanted a simple “one fee covers all” process and I found what I was looking for in Starry-Night Publishing. My novel, Gallery of the Chosen, is professionally designed, attractive and carefully printed. The binding is solid, the cover clever and the pages easy to read. And both paper and e-versions are available at reasonable prices on Amazon.com.

As you can see, I do not hesitate in recommending Starry-Night to all writers who dream of telling their stories.

Dr. Peter Saunders



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