Across the Peruvian Deserts, Over the Andes, and Down the Amazon: A Personal Account of Oil Exploration in the Early 20th Century


Author: Jack Power

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 142

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 18-09-2017

Details: The team of explorers sat on the edge of the foreboding canopy of the Amazon jungle. It was 1919 and few Europeans or Americans had ventured into the depths of this section of the Amazon jungle.

This is the story, based upon the journal of an ordinary young man from a typical small mid-western town, and the journey he and fellow team members took from the harbor of New York, through the Panama Canal, across the deserts of Peru, up the Inca trails of the Andes, and down the vast waterway of the Amazon basin.

Readers will see the mysteries of South America through the eyes of William Power whose journal is the driving force for the book.

In addition to Mr. Power’s account of the day to day challenges facing the team, the book presents a concise history of European and American exploration and exploitation of the entire region.

Readers will have a first-hand view of the beginning of oil exploration in Central and South America and see how the Cortez Oil Company for whom Bill Power worked, as well as other American and European companies, began the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest.

Using untouched photographs and memorabilia from Mr. Power’s personal effects, the reader will be able to walk alongside him from his youth to the year’s following the journey into the most mysterious and unexplored region in the Americas where dangers lurked behind every tree and bush, and hostile blow gun wielding natives cautiously monitored the team’s movements.

The pages of the text present true and actual events but the story goes beyond the facts showing the reader the wonders of the Amazon as seen by a young adventurer.

Languages: English

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