Blood Will Out


Author: W. W. Smith

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 264

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 30-01-2016

Details: Jack Smith is a man on a mission. As a sharpshooter for the British government, his position in the Marines takes him all over the world. Anything that damages Britain’s national security, he is sent in to resolve the situation. After years of fighting, Jack is only just realizing how exhausted he is. Life on the edge is tiring and for a man’s of Jack’s caliber, his heels are balancing on the precipice- after all, it’s easier to jump into any given mission, if he’s always prepared.

For a brief snippet of time, he’s allowed R and R. But even then, the government want to use him. A man by the name of James Hayworth has emerged into the political scene and through his connections, is set for the top. His first post is to be the Commissioner of Police. While the local government are content with this because his background fits the bill, the military isn’t. Jack is sent in to investigate the man and his activities.

Languages: English

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