Blue Beetle No. 1


Author: Blue Beetle

Number Of Pages: 71

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 09-07-2019

Details: In 1939, rookie police officer Dan Garret, son of a murdered cop, dons a bulletproof costume and ingests the mysterious Vitamin 2X, giving him superhuman strength, in order to become the Blue Beetle, Golden Age superhero. Using his signature scarab symbol to strike terror into criminals, he, along with Joan Mason, a reporter from the Daily Blade, Dr. Franz, an inventor, and a spunky kid sidekick, Sparky went into action to stop criminals, spies, and super-villains. The original comic book ran for 60 issues.Later, a mystical scarab found in Egypt, gave him additional superpowers whenever he uttered the words "Kaji Dha!" During this time, the "Blue Beetle" spawned other comic books, and a 48 episode radio series.Finally, Ted Kord, a student of Dan Garrett's and inventor, took over for Garrett upon his death, becoming an all-new Blue Beetle.

EAN: 9781079551211

Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.5 x 0.4 inches

Languages: English

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