Brainwashed Man: A True Story


Author: Virtyt Kelmendi

Number Of Pages: 216

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 21-01-2015

Details: I was an experimental citizen of Europe born during a bad time in one of the most tragic places in the world. This place was essentially an experimental laboratory, which utilized brainwashing and the extinction of identity, language, history, culture, national anthem, and flag. Civilized Europe has created me as a man lacking the three most sacred things in life: country, freedom, and half of my divided people. This fearful experiment would continue for many years while I lived amongst two million other unfortunate people as cloned citizens of Europe isolated in the notorious laboratory camp called Kosovo. Together, we would suffer the horror of the European experiment toward one nation, while the designer of this experiment received recognition and was awarded the Nobel Prize. When the experiment spiraled out of control, the consequences were terrible. Thousands of slaughtered civilians, thousands of people burned alive in (factory) cement mill furnaces, twenty thousand raped women, one million people violently deported from their lands, this was the balance of the European experiment against one nation. The only country that would stop this notorious experiment of extinction and ethnic cleansing of people was the United States of America, which managed to destroy the devious European laboratory and thereby saved one nation from extinction.

EAN: 9781507663646

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Languages: English

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