Buttons - Book III


Author: Rene Bouche

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 537

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 13-04-2016

Details: Book III Buttons … Page 251

Lance and Emily are living in Paris over a restaurant, Bon Ami, that Emily inherited from her grandmother. At the end of their block is the most exclusive bordello in all of Paris and last night they were invited to a select party for special couples. While there the house gigolo, Emile, offered to perform oral sex on Emily while Lance watched. The next morning they’re sitting in Bon Ami discussing the episode that took place.

The problem is that I’m an oversexed harlot who can’t say no to anything or anybody.” I could see a few tears begin to well up. “That’s why I’ve got you – to keep me in line and to rein me in when I go overboard. Last night I was like a drunken sailor who’d been at sea for six months and just hit port.”
She shook her head then moved next to my ear, “You saw what he did. He seduced me with his hands, his mouth, his hard cock, and when his banter got into my brain, I was helpless. You know by now how I get. Things just happen to me, sexual things, erotic things, uncontrollable things and my body gives into them and then my mind turns to mush and all I want to do is get pleasured. We’ve talked about this ’til we’re both blue in the face, but I simply don’t have an answer for it.”

“Maybe we should stay out of whorehouses.”

She fell over me laughing, crying, and kissing just as Benny walked back to our table

Languages: English

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