Escape to Proxima


Author: Tye Ellinwood

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 236

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 13-05-2014

Details: All fans of Science Fiction are accustomed to the fantasy aspect of many works which treat the enormous distances between star systems with a disregard that is easily solved by trans-light travel speeds. My particular venture attempts to deal with the ‘reality’ aspects of travel to a near star without resorting to any post-Einstein leap of faith. While my work does contain a slight fantasy aspect travel of an extremely rapid rate, it speculates on the need for hibernation for a multi-century period even with this remarkable rate. It addresses the challenges a crew traveling those distances might face and how they adapt to needed changes after reviving in order to land on a habitable planet.
Once they land, they discover the planet is already inhabited by people in the early stages of organizing and controlling a civilization. Following landing, the crew uses their talents to create transportation on the lengthy river they have landed near in order to find a sanctuary where they can continue their life.
When their arrival is discovered, however, locals begin to pursue them in the mistaken impression that they have been sent by mysterious Gods of the Far Star. But, the crew’s success in fleeing is limited and eventually the locals do capture them and take them to the ruler of their kingdom.
When introduced to the ruler, discoveries are made which present an almost paradoxical riddle for the crew and ruler to resolve.

Languages: English

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