Gender Differences in Aging: Which is the Stronger Sex?


Author: Jerry Ochoa Ciocon M.D.

Number Of Pages: 206

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 15-01-2019

Details: There is a lot of debate on how men or women survive the aging process and how they handle the stresses that come with it. Who fares better in these challenging changes that come with aging? Which is the stronger sex? Sex differences are thought to contribute to health because it has been found that men have a shorter life expectancy while women live longer but suffer disproportionately more disabling chronic diseases (1). The purpose of this book is not to declare who is the better sex, but to pinpoint the difference where the health care provider can better serve their patient based on their gender, and how the patient can help maximize their care.

EAN: 9781794186620

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Languages: English

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