Jolly Rogers in the Past


Author: Dale Flannery

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 108

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 18-03-2015

Details: “It all began in a city called Seattle, in a state called Washington. A boy is running through a crowed street. Three boys are chasing him. The boy is breathing heavily and sweating profusely. His legs buckle from all the running, and he keeps looking back to see if they’re still chasing him. He darts into an alley when he thinks he can’t run anymore. He quickly hides behind a dumpster and tries to quiet his breathing.”
When John goes to visit his uncle, he has no idea what is in store for him. Borrowing a Jet Ski, he is out on the water, when suddenly, he is transported back to the year 1695. When he awakens, he finds himself in the midst of pirates, one of whom is his great, great, great, great grandmother, Ann Bonny.
Shocking the pirates with the technology he brought from 2009, John embarks on an unforgettable adventure. But will he ever be able to return home? Join us and find out.

Languages: English

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