Just Keep Breathing - Second Edition: A Journey Through Grief and Recovery


Author: Jana Brock

Edition: 2

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 140

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 27-01-2015

Details: “Death is a part of life. Just as birth opens the door to
our existence, at some point, dying will force us through
an exit. After the passing of a loved one, those left
behind can feel utterly alone and abandoned, trying to
figure out how to continue on in a world that now feels
wrong to them. Nothing is easy about that.

Grief can take a strong hold. It is a force to be reckoned
with, having the power to knock us completely off our
feet. In one single moment of time
everything can change.

Those who have lost someone close to them may also
lose other relationships because of things that are said or
done at a very critical time. When that occurs, repairing
the damage can be difficult, if not impossible.

There are many variables in living on this planet.
Not all things happen to everyone. However, there is
one thing that will occur in each of our lives. At some
point, you and I will both experience the death of
someone close. There is no getting around it. The human
body does not live forever.”

Languages: English

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