Medtapping: The Secret to Tapping Into Your Superpower To Heal Yourself


Author: Roy Magac

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 40

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 13-02-2015

Details: YOU CAN HEAL YOUR CHRONIC PAIN BY MEDTAPPING Years after suffering debilitating neck and back pain injuries in a car accident, I was still in severe chronic pain. I felt modern medical treatments had failed me. So I set out to heal myself. What if I was to tell you that your pain may not be due to your injury, would you be interested? I spent a year researching and studying chronic pain and found that my pain was not from my injuries but from a disorder I call Chronic Tension Disorder. Underlying chronic, emotional stress causes the body to tense up causing chronic pain! Healing the chronic stress was the answer to healing my chronic pain! And may be to yours! How did I heal my chronic stress and pain? By MedTapping! MedTapping is a 5 minute, secular, extremely effective, healing and life changing Meditation technique I created after a year of study and research. It puts you in touch with your subconscious instantly. MedTapping then uses acupressure and affirmation techniques to create a Powerful self-healing meditation. By MedTapping you will use your thoughts and energy to heal yourself from physical pain and emotional trauma, no matter when it occurred. No need to meditate for days or years to see results. This 5 minute meditation can be quickly learned and practiced. As incredible as it sounds, MedTapping allows you to heal yourself in days or even minutes from years of chronic emotional and physical pain! I healed myself after years of chronic neck and back pain in less than a week and you can too! Trauma can occur in a moment and take a moment to heal. This book has been written to quickly and concisely teach you this breakthrough meditation so that it can be rapidly and effectively implemented in your life and you can heal yourself and relieve your pain. Don't let its brevity deceive you, the information inside is powerful and life changing! By MedTapping, you too can take back control of your life!

Languages: English

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