Mine For A Little While


Author: F.L. Genton

Edition: 2

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 124

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 04-03-2015

Details: IN SOME ways, it seems like centuries ago. But not so long ago, situated just outside of Los Angeles, California, was a powerful and prestigious principality called Hollywood. It was a prosperous town with a one-of-kind dream factory. It was ruled by a studio system, which was closely administered by movie moguls and powerful corporate boards.
The phrase, “Hollywood in the late twenties and thirties” conjures up an image in one’s mind. Before the smog and traffic congestion, there were blue skies, palm trees and orange groves. There are mental images of the glamour of the movie stars, stucco mansions, expensive cars and movie studio lots. It may also bring a favorite musical, western, gangster or mystery film to mind. But the real-life dramas and comedies that were being performed behind the scenes in early Hollywood would never have made it past the censor’s scissors. Destined to be in the middle of the elite Hollywood movie society were Jeffrey Collins, Terri Ellen and Randall Brooks; three movie celebrities who were the best of friends. History has stood behind their achievements and their “stars” have not tarnished. This is their true story and one the public never knew. The fan magazines and the press never wrote about their private, private lives. A scenario as good as any movie, it could never have been projected onto the silver screen of the twenties through the fifties. America had to grow up first.

Languages: English

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