Murry Peterson: Failsafe


Author: Richard S. Hartmetz

Brand: Brand: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform


  • Used Book in Good Condition

Number Of Pages: 262

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 12-06-2012

Details: Dead! They were all dead! Murry Peterson is still dealing with the realization that her handler and three of her teammates are dead. Michael remains in a coma, and worst of all, she was the one who had killed Cliff, the love of her life, after discovering that he worked for the KGB. Now, another chapter is about to begin in her life as she starts high school. However, another handler comes into the picture, shattering her hopes for a return to a normal life; the creepy Mr. Smith who was responsible for staging the “school bus accident” which claimed her friends. There is a new team, with new challenges, as Murry attempts to deal with Alicia, the psychotic parolee, discover the identity of Smith, and learn the truth about her grandfather. Then, the details of General Zarkov, Operation: Failsafe and the missing nuclear bombs emerge; a plot to kill the President and millions of innocent people at the Olympic Games; forcing the team to make a terrible sacrifice in order to prevent World War III.

EAN: 9781477649725

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Languages: English

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