One Dog at a Time: Memoirs of a Private Dog Trainer


Author: Gary Abelov

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 132

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 26-09-2014

Details: “Dogs, not unlike people, can develop behavior problems and find themselves in serious trouble. Some of the dogs I see are causing marital tensions, have been quarantined for biting people, and have triggered lawsuits by neighbors and even relatives. As a dog trainer who has specialized in problem behavior for over thirty years, I see wild, unruly, often frightening dogs every day.
“In order to help a dog, I have to ‘go through’ their guardians. Most of my clients are receptive to my advice, but some can be difficult to teach. Complex and difficult personalities abound, a fact which can create obvious challenges.”
Gary Abelov has trained dogs for nearly three decades, and discovered that the biggest challenge is: the owner. Join us for many fascinating stories of wonderful dogs and “interesting” owners, as well as tips on how to be a better pet guardian and client. Also included is the story of Gary’s walk across Missouri with his dog Scout, in order to bring attention to the cruel treatment of canines in “puppy mills.”

Languages: English

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