Out of Justice


Author: K S Michaels

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 214

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 03-06-2015

Details: The police were of no help. Without valid proof of a threat, all she would get from the cops was a police report stating her side of the story, and an insincere apology for the failing system that we all struggle to work with. In the real world there are no knights in shining armor, no police who stakeout your street for your protection, or congregating neighborhoods who will, consciously, watch your back to the end. In the real world, when the chips are down, one learns real fast just how loyal one’s friends are, and just how vindictive and relentless the enemy can be.
What she thought might take only a day, turned out to be a two month long endeavor she would never take for granted. The escape route had to be near the freeway. Though she could never let down her guard or fully feel at ease, the first phase of her plan had finally shown some progression, granting her a small reprieve from the stress brought on by the potential fear and harm that her husband could inflict with a mere phone call.

Languages: English

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