Package #4 - Hardcover Publishing Only

$499.00 $599.00

We will receive your manuscript file and:

  • Design a professional-looking cover for your hardcover book.
  • Compile cover, TOC, text, graphics, etc. into a usable file.
  • Convert the documents to the appropriate formats for use in printing.
  • Provide your book with an ISBN number.
  • Take care of the Copyright information.
  • Include your new book on Barnes and
  • Promote your work through our online network, including FaceBook.
  • Track your sales and provide you with a quarterly royalty check for U.S. and foreign sales.
  • PLEASE NOTE: To maximize sales, you will need to have at least a paperback available on Amazon.

Books can have either a glossy cover or a dust jacket.

These hardcover books will only sell on B & N, as other outlets don’t want to carry them.  After that, each copy will be available to you for a set price, depending on the number of pages in the book.  The half-price option is not available for hard cover books.

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