Pearl and Arthur


Author: Don Blanton

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 504

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 28-04-2018

Details: Set in the halcyon years of the imaginary city of Ayrington, North Carolina and spanning nearly half a century, Pearl and Arthur, tells the bitter-sweet saga of two very odd yet loveable small-town misfits – accused by nearly everyone in that humble little mill town of being just about anything other than who they really were. Loved by only the few who truly knew them, their story will bring a warmth to your heart, a little laughter along the way and may even leave you misty-eyed.
Once in a while in this world full of trouble, and you find you might could use just a little something different to lighten up another dreary old day, a charming little book like this one comes your way…

Languages: English

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