Author: Lori Kay

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 490

Release Date: 31-03-2015

Details: Enter 1943, and then make a full circle into the
present! Unique sexuality between Drag Queens, doll collectors, a Serial Killer and a Family
Annihilator, are all ready to take the stage and be a star!

The unknowing decisions of three unwed mothers affect the future of more than
just their children, giving the police more than a garden variety killer, bent on
destruction...that is if he is still alive
when they get the case. Detective Hamilton Riggs and his ever loyal partner
Frank Van Cleave, cross state lines and straight lines, after Riggs catches the
case of a lifetime, which ultimately changes everything he believes about human
nature, his own Destiny and a onetime less than liberal agenda.

Inside the box and under the flap are doll collectors, all
of whom will do anything for their next plastic fix.  Unable to succeed in reality, these lost
souls live in a world of fantasy, reigning supreme over a plastic kingdom worth
as much as a real one.  It is also where
a hurting and confused young man finds comfort, emotionally torn sexually in
both his emotional and physical gender assignment.

The misfits and freaks of society that are relegated
to the streets do eventually find family in Stiletto, learning as we all do,
that it isn't blood that makes a family or the box we come out of, instead, it
is the shared and bonded  experiences of
compassion that hold us close.

Languages: English

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