The Adventures of Noldo and His Magical Scooter - Noldo Saves the Day: Las Aventuras De Noldo Y Su Patinete Mágico Noldo Salva El Día (English and Spanish Edition)

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Author: Armando Rendon

Edition: Bilingual

Number Of Pages: 210

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 20-07-2015

Details: The Adventures of Noldo and his Magical Scooter: Noldo Saves the Day is the story of a Mexican American boy who is magically transported from 1950s San Antonio, Texas, on the scooter he builds with his own hands to witness an historical turning point in relations between the U.S. and Mexico in the early 20th century. On this adventure, he finds himself in El Paso, Texas, in May 1911 on the eve of rebellion. Noldo befriends a couple of Mexican American boys who sell newspapers for a pro-rebel newspaper. One of the boys races Noldo on a scooter he’s made—with hilarious results. As fighting breaks out in Ciudad Juárez between Mexican federal troops and rebel forces led by Pancho Villa, people on the U.S. side of the border watch from rooftops and railroad cars. From his new buddies, Noldo learns that El Paso is full of spies and revolutionaries: By chance, he stumbles onto a plot that could have ended tragically, but Noldo saves the day! The story forges a link for modern Chicanos to their historical roots in the Southwest, revealing a history that has been otherwise excluded from school textbooks and the mass media.

EAN: 9781515161868

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Languages: English, Spanish

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