The Birth of Death: There's a Bug in My Memoir

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Author: Robert C. Abbaticchio

Number Of Pages: 102

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 15-07-2016

Details: Was AIDS man-made? An ordinary guy, while in the military, accidently learns of a laboratory experiment, in 1957, to develop a “bug” that could reverse the human immune system. Knowing it was just another warfare experiment there was no more thought about it. Years later during the ups and downs of his business career there were newspaper headlines of an immunity disease that baffled scientists. The cause of the disease was finally identified as a virus and it was called AIDS. He realized the disease reports matched the 1957 experiment he was privy to in the military. He assumed that what he knew must be secret and if revealed, there would be unimaginable consequences. He vowed to tell no one the rest of his life. AIDS became a world-wide epidemic with MILLIONS dying. His conscience haunted him and he thought he could not die without the world knowing. Being afraid, he decided that when he got old he would write a memoir and tell all. He is now old; his memoir describes his ruthless business life, how it leads to the depths of depression with contemplated suicide, then to the happiest day of his life. At the risk of being labeled a conspiracy nut, and the possibility of being subject to a government investigation, he tells all he knows about the immunity experiment, because… WHAT GOOD IS HISTORY IF NOT THE TRUTH

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