The Hermit on the Hill: A Companion Novel to "Liberty's Revival."


Author: Art Theocles

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 165

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 19-03-2015

Details: This installment of the “Liberty Series” of novels explores some thoughts of our nation’s conscience through the eyes of one of the main characters from the first two installments of the Liberty Trilogy (“Liberty’s Dawn” and “Defending Liberty”). The issues discussed in the series transcend time and are as relevant today as they were in our nations past. This tale brings its readers another fantastic and entertaining fictional adventure in time, whilst drizzling in crucial and important events of our actual history as it pertains to its timeline, past and present.

‘The Hermit on the Hill’ can stand on its own as a grand chronicle of one man’s struggle with himself and his surroundings, a struggle with the demons of the human psyche and man’s physical space here on Earth. This installment of the series has a very different feel to its mood from its predecessors and I encourage you, if you have not already done so, read “Liberty’s Dawn” and “Defending Liberty” before you read Hermit on the Hill. The time you will spend with ‘our boys’ in America’s war years of 1780-81 and 1813-15 will give you a unique and special understanding on this chronicle.

As in those first two books of the Liberty Trilogy, this companion novel to the trilogy’s third installment titled ‘Liberty’s Revival’, continues to investigate the history of our nation and our world by delving into the parallels and differences of our modern society pitted against those of our past. “The Hermit on the Hill” also serves as a ‘teaser’ for the trilogy’s third novel, which will bring you, the reader, to America’s Civil War years, 1861-1865.

Languages: English

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