The Moon May Save Earth


Author: J Kovar

Number Of Pages: 56

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: 15-08-2015

Details: “This story begins in the United States with two people who love America and love adventure and love each other. They went through school and college together and got to know and help each other. Their names are Susan and Arthur.” Someday, in the near future, humankind will put aside all of its differences and work together to create a sustainable colony on the moon. It has been nearly a half-century since man first walked upon its surface, and it is time to return. The Earth is quickly exhausting its natural resources and may soon be unable to handle an ever-increasing population. Let us then turn to our nearby neighbor as a viable alternative to overpopulation. Though it is currently only fiction, someday, in the not-too-distant future, the Moon may save Earth.

EAN: 9781516921133

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 0.1 inches

Languages: English

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