Walk With The Earth: Our Return to Living in Harmony With Natural Law


Author: Annie Horkan

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 332

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 08-03-2017

Details: Humanity is a divinely inspired, multidimensional species with the internal
capacity to receive and transmit earthly and cosmic wisdom bound within
the natural, universal and spiritual laws governing all of creation. The truth
and knowledge of these vital laws have been lost under the firmly
entrenched reign of predatory authority whose deceptive tendencies have
led to the loss of our internal sovereighty and external freedom. We stand
at the crossroad of crisis whereupon we must correct the erroneous beliefs
of our misallocated allegiance by which to restore harmony and order upon
our suffering planet. The guiding principles of natural law grant us the
reconciling force with which to meet the opposing presence of manifested
evil, and to return to our role as loving co-creators. Our mythic return to the
beauty of the garden demands we awaken from our technological trance,
remember the lost arts of ancient widom, heal our ancestral shadows, and
steer our unified, imaginative destiny in vibrational alignment with the
divine flow of creation. Our choice to walk with the Earth is our sacred
mission of stewardship and the path to take our planet back.

Languages: English

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