Who's There?


Author: Sharon Sullivan

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 133

Publisher: Starry Night Publishing

Release Date: 24-11-2016

Details: Paranormal-Fantasy-Novella
By Sharon Sullivan

Lilly the Witch-
Steve’s pillow was soaking wet, sweating and gasping for breath in the cold night air, waking up from his reoccurring dream. “Where am I?” Feeling tired as if he’d been running from some energy force that was wicked enough to overtake his soul. Grabbing the thick, red silky bed covers, as his spirit fell back into his body with a heavy thud!
You Burnt Me-
Sean Woods, the thirty-two-year-old an undercover detective was investigating the exclusive health resort, Heart Strung and the corrupt Turbo Casino in the secluded mountains and forest of Watertown, California. A criminology graduate of Cal-State University, married and a player. After a major wildfire in the woods, help comes from the other-side with the aid of a Ouija Board.
The Bartender’s Aperitif-
It’s Happy Hour at the NCO club, and a retired Master Sergeant is reminiscing a World War II story of the 82nd Airborne and his parachuting buddie, his sky dog, Blackie. Who becomes a ghost dog saving his life after being shot down on enemy soil in the Battle of the Bulge.
Still sitting at the bar his daughter walks in and tells her post-war story aboard the C.G. Morton, going through a typhoon at sea with her mother to Japan. An apparition follows them, who is a young boy, a playful ghost, who will slay the Devil’s Sea Dragon’s forever.
A young couple purchases a beautiful old home built in 1940, it is haunted and the real estate broker discloses the death of the Sea Captain. Joe and Tracy fall in love with the estate along the Mendocino Coast in north California. As Joe is repairing dry rot in the basement wall, he finds a map to an uncharted Island in the far east and a bag glass-fish eyes. Leading them to an adventure through the Dragon’s Triangle time barrier.
Moving into a house in San Francisco, Ca. Sara a teenager and her

Languages: English

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